#058 Golden (Slightly) Oldies


We’re back at Tracks HQ today after what feels like an absolute lifetime away, and it feels so good. We’ve missed this place and, more specifically, we’ve missed your little faces.

First of all, big apologies once again for not being around as much as normal in the last week or so. We’ve remained on Tracks duty, lining up some things for the coming weeks that we couldn’t physically be any more excited about, but we’ve probably neglected you lot a tad. Sorry! Hopefully our absence has indeed made the heart grow Jane Fonda.

We’ve got a brand new episode for you this morning, and it’s a good one. The subject, excitingly, is OLD AGE.

We are, by most people’s standards, still young people. In the thick of our 20s, old age still seems blissfully far away. However, when we realised this week that Arctic Monkey’s ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ was top of the UK charts a full decade ago we felt about 100, and we wanted to talk about that.

So, in a blur of nostalgia and desperation to feel young again, we headed to the archives to pick out a few choice tracks which feel to us like they only came out yesterday, but are in fact now bona fide *classics*.

All of that may sound depressing, but it’s actually one of the most danceable episode playlists we’ve ever had, and we laughed a lot recording it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to it just as much.

So thanks for tuning in, it’s great to have you back, and we’ll see you next week for The Great Escape 2017!

Lots of love,
Tim & Harry x

We do not claim ownership of any of the music played in this episode. Our theme tune is Ice Cold by Audionautix and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Artist: http://audionautix.com/